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PaperTakers Review

PaperTakers Review








Do you love writing essays? Whatever your answer, sometimes each of us needs help. Some people just don’t like to spend hours of their time writing a philosophical essay, and some people really like to write, but they just can be very busy at a certain point in time. However, the happiest people are those who know about PaperTakers. PaperTakers is a company that can write an essay for you, create a Powerpoint presentation, or even does your homework.

What Services Does PaperTakers?

PaperTakers provides every possible service. Freelancers working on the platform can help you with writing an essay, reporting, doing homework, preparing a motivation letter, or even with PowerPoint presentations. Roughly speaking, PaperTakers will take everything into their own hands and do all the work for which you do not have enough time. There is not a list of documents on the platform that PaperTakers freelancers can write for you, because everything depends on the client. You just need to create your profile on the website and place your task on the platform. And PaperTakers ensures that within the next few hours you will receive dozens of applications from freelancers who will be ready o help you with any academic assignment.

Quality of the Services and Writers/Editors

Working with PaperTakers, you will have a unique opportunity to independently choose the executor of your order. Typically, writing services companies assign you a writer themselves and you just have to live with that. However, with PaperTakers, you can choose the best of the best freelancers yourself. Among all the applications that you receive for your order, you will see the rating of each freelancer, their experience with past clients, and even honest customer reviews. This will help you not to be mistaken and make the right choice, entrusting your essay in the hands of a professional who has already established themself.

PaperTakers pricing

PaperTakers is not only unique in that clients can choose their own freelancer, but also in pricing. Whereas all such companies are paid by customers for the number of pages, in PaperTakers, customers pay for the time of freelancers. That is, when you order the writing of an essay, you pay the hourly cost. It also allows you to choose a freelancer not only for their feedback but also for the cost of their work. If you want to buy a cheap essay, then you can choose a freelancer for $8 per hour. If you are ready to spend more, then the price can reach $20 per hour.

Acceptable Payment Methods PaperTakers

PaperTakers cares not only about their clients, but also about freelancers. Therefore, the company did everything to protect both sides. They have created a reliable platform that you fund with your money after choosing a freelancer. However, a freelancer does not receive money on their card until the moment when the work is completely done. Thus, the freelancer will not be able to take the client’s money and not complete the order, and the client will not be able not to pay for the written paper.

Guarantees of quality done services Paper Takers

All PaperTakers customers can be sure that if something happens, their rights will be fully protected. PaperTakers promises a full refund if the freelancer missed the deadline and submitted the work to the client too late. You can also request a refund if you find plagiarism in your essay. All academic papers produced by PaperTakers must be absolutely free of plagiarism.

Customer Service PaperTakers

PaperTakers opted for a classic helpdesk format. Therefore, if you have any problem, then you will need to write a letter to the customer support email.


As mentioned earlier, PaperTakers is a unique company in its own way that provides essay writing services. The uniqueness of the company also lies in the fact that you can not only read reviews about the company, but also about each individual freelancer. Most likely, this feature of PaperTakers will be very useful for clients, because it is the reviews that will help them choose the best freelancer.

Pros and Cons

The ability to choose a freelancer who will write your essay or create a presentation is the most important advantage of the company. Also, a big plus is that the company protects all payments on the website and you simply cannot be cheated for money. However, the disadvantages include an undeveloped support service, which can only be reached by email, and the hourly pay of freelancers.

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The answer is yes! PaperTakers is a legitimate company that can help you with your academic needs. We have a team of professional writers who are experts in their respective fields.
The writers at PaperTakers are professionals with experience in academic writing.
No, PaperTakers is not a scam.
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