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PapersHelm Review









PapersHelm believes that such a responsible assignment as writing a research paper should be entrusted to professionals. PapersHelm is one of the best platforms offering paper writing services. And if you are puzzled about where to turn to, for example, to get a well-written essay, then PapersHelm is ready to help you.

What Services Does PapersHelm?

Unlike other companies providing services for writing academic papers, PapersHelm has chosen a somewhat narrow direction for itself and is not trying to become a monopolist in the market. That is why you should contact their services if you are interested in assignment writing, essay writing, dissertation writing, research paper writing, term paper writing, case study writing, or editing and proofreading of an existing paper. At first glance, it might seem that the company does not provide many services, especially when compared to its competitors. However, their services are quite enough to satisfy the average user. Moreover, this suggests that the company is not trying to keep up with the quantity, but is worried about the quality of its service. Also, PapersHelm makes an unlimited number of changes in the finished paper upon such a request from the client.

Quality of the Services and Writers/Editors

PapersHelm strives to provide its customers with the perfect service. You can be sure that all the instructions and guidelines of your academic paper will be followed with incredible meticulousness. Moreover, the writers who work on your essay or report were not just recruited into the team. To get into PapersHelm, candidates must pass a large number of tests that confirm their qualifications. However, the selection does not end there, then all candidates who have successfully passed the test are sent to training specially developed by PapersHelm. In this way, the company can ensure that all writers are equally well qualified and have all the necessary skills to do paper writing at the highest level.


PapersHelm positions itself as an affordable service company. It is worth noting that the prices for different types of written work here are indeed somewhat lower than those of competitors. For example, the prices of a philosophical essay or a term paper are slightly lower than the average market price. Pricing depends on the required speed of work and academic level. The lower the academic level and the longer the deadline, the cheaper any paper will be, and vice versa, the higher the academic level and the shorter the deadline, the higher the price for the work done. PapersHelm prices start at $11 and end at $40.25 per sheet. All types of work are evaluated equally. It is also worth noting that each client receives a 50% discount on their first order. Therefore, if you need a cheap essay, you have come to the right place.

PapersHelm Essay Best Services Review 2022 Price

Acceptable Payment Methods

PapersHelm understands the seriousness of working with money, so they use a proven platform to pay for their services. Thus, they protect clients from losing money and dealing with fraudsters.

Guarantees of quality done services

The hardest part about choosing an essay writing company is choosing one and believing in its reliability. PapersHelm understands this very well, so they did everything to ensure that clients were confident in the excellent quality of academic work. That is why PapersHelm is ready to provide all the necessary guarantees. If you contacted the company, received your essay, and were unhappy with its implementation, then you would definitely receive a free revision of your academic paper. If you are still unhappy with the quality, then you are eligible for a full refund. Of course, all cases are different and you need to familiarize yourself with the company’s rules before claiming a refund, but the very possibility of a full refund speaks volumes! Also, the company personally checks all papers for plagiarism, so that you are definitely satisfied after successful cooperation.

Customer Service

Moreover, PapersHelm has a very customer-centric policy. That is, your interests and satisfaction are put first. If suddenly you have any problem or misunderstanding, you can immediately call the support service or write a message to the live chat. It is immediately striking that the company made contact with the customer support representative as easy and quick as possible so that you receive all the answers as soon as possible. On the company’s website, you can see support numbers everywhere, so you don’t have to waste time looking for contacts, you can immediately solve all the problems.


Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find reviews of the company’s services on their website. However, if you succeed to find them, then you can see that there are not so many reviews available and they are all extremely positive. What is more, If you decide to leave a video review about the services, you will receive an additional 15% discount on your next order.

Pros and Cons

It should be said right away that there are much more benefits in PapersHelm than disadvantages. The main advantage of the company is its affordable rate. Further, it is worth noting the excellent support service, with which it is easy to get in contact and get all the help you need. An incredible plus is the possibility of a full refund.

The disadvantages of the company include the lack of a large number of reviews. Still, potential clients need to have a rough idea of ​​future cooperation. Also, the undoubted disadvantage is a somewhat outdated website interface.

To summarize, it is obvious that PapersHelm copes with its main task – it provides an excellent service for writing academic papers at very affordable prices.

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This is the question many customers ask. The answer is that PapersHelm is absolutely legit. This can be confirmed by the numerous positive reviews about the company.
PapersHelm offers discounts to both new and returning customers. New customers get a 20% discount on their first order. Returning customers get a 5% discount on all subsequent orders.
PapersHelm has a team of professional writers who can write a paper within the specified time frame. The company guarantees that all papers will be delivered on time.
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