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How to choose the best essay topic?

Every student has faced a problem with choosing a suitable essay topic, because itโ€™s not easy to find what to write about. If essay topic was not formulated by teacher, you need to find if there was set up a direction or it has a proposed list. If your teacher lets you go in free floating, we would like to provide some tips how to choose the best topic for your essay. So, follow these 4 easy steps and you will find your perfect theme.
How to choose the best essay topic US?

What is the purpose of essay?

First, every student should understand the main purpose before writing an essay, its type, length, assignment etc. Every teacher has its own frames, and you need to remember about them before starting your essay process. If the teacher asks to write a personal essay it must have a lot of your own experience, if itโ€™s a persuasive essay, it usually includes comparing and analyzing paraments. Remember what the teacher focused your attention on during class. This can be a great choice for your essay, as the instructor has made it clear that this is important.

Make a list of topics

There are a list of themes which is usually provided by the teacher, but if you do not have it you can google the list at the internet or think of making a list of your own ideas (you can write everything that comes to your mind, it does not need to be perfect topics, itโ€™s just something they you are thinking about or can be interesting for your to write about and describe in your paper). After that headline 3-5 topics that you find interesting for essay work and try to accentuate the ideas with the theses for every topic.

Do some freewriting

Freewriting is a very important thing that will help you to find a good topic and give some ideas that you can further use in your essay. First of all, you need to deadline the time for your freewriting process, itโ€™s usually about 10-15 minutes. When you start to write please mention all ideas and thoughts that come to your mind, do not give up and stop until the time is up. After that take a look at what you have got, and we are sure that there must be some good thesis that will help you with choosing a topic and can be used further.

Polish your essay topic

When you finally have chosen a topic, please make sure that the theme is not too broad, because if it is, then it will make you write a lot and in the end the depth of the topic can be insufficiently covered. But at the same time, itโ€™s also important not to choose a very narrow topic, because it will make your essay short, without giving its big ideas and showing your own opinion. You need to find something middle, not too broad and not to narrow, it will let you to describe all sides you want and helps to reinforce the main idea of your essay.

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There are a variety of ways to choose a topic for an essay. The most important factor in choosing a topic is the essay's purpose. For example, if the essay is for a class assignment, the topic should be appropriate for the class. Other factors to consider when choosing a topic include the essay's length, the audience for the essay, and the writer's interests.
The first step to choosing a thesis topic is to identify a general area ofinterest. For example, you may be interested in American history, or the history of the civil rights movement. Once you have identified a general area of interest, you can then begin to narrow your focus to a more specific topic. For example, you may want to write a thesis on the history of the civil rights movement in the United States.
The best title for a thesis is one that is concise and clearly describes the main argument of the paper. A good title will also give the reader an idea of the paper's scope and focus.
A bad research topic is one that is either too broad or too narrow. A topic that is too broad will be difficult to research and will likely not be able to be covered in a single paper. A topic that is too narrow will not have enough information available to write a full paper.
Some good things to research include: current events, controversial topics, history, art, and science.
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