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Hello! We are the group of friends and colleagues, who decided to create this review website to help all the students to become better writers and to finish the homework in deadlines. We understand how it can be difficult and onerous to write an essay when it is not your passion.

Also, we were not so long ago college graduates, that’s why we truly understand you and want to help all of you to have enough time for studying favorite lessons or try to make a few extra dollars. 

Alice Davison – Chief Editor

Mark Smirnov – Web Editor
Kate Timaeus – Content Writer

So let us introduce ourselves. Our team consists of 3 persons – Alice Davison, Mark Smirnov and Kate Timaeus. We were studying together at college and decided to share our experience on how to write a good essay or help to choose the writing resource. 

We are doing resident research and comparing different writing sources, so that everyone can easily find the necessary one, which will suit your requirements and monetary needs. Every day we try to do our best and to give students the necessary tools to be successful in colleges. 

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